Wednesday, November 18, 2009


New Fueless Electricity Generator, first of its kind ever in Nigeria.
Brief explanation
1) This fueless generator works 24/7 without petrol,diesel,oil or grease.It is not solar,wind,no noise,no smoke and no charging like inverter.
2) It will power your refridgerator,Tv,pressing iron,boiling ring,ATM machines,microwave,street lights etc.
3) All the components for making it are readily available in any electrical stores in Nigeria.
4) It is very very cheap to build unlike solar etc.
Market Potentials and Opportunity for massive profits
1) It is simple to make,graduate or not.once you can handle a screw driver.
2) If you know how to make this fueless generator GSM companies,Banks,your neighbours will go on their knees begging you to do it for them because they spend billions of Naira every year to power their base stations,ATM machines etc.

How it works
Engineers in most of thier design looks at nature for inspiration when it comes to desiging objects examples of products from such inspired designs abound every where this includes but not limited to flying objects such as aeroplanes which looks much like a soaring bird in the sky.In this case we look towards nature once again for example water cycle as illustrated below is a natural phenomenon.
RAINFALL-EVAPORATION-CONDENSATION-RAINFALL the cycle repeats itself all over again.Now thesame principle can be applied to elecrticity generation leading to electricity cycle,bringing what I call electricity revolution in Nigeria.Ordinarily conventional electricity generators make use of fuel or solar/wind or nuclear energy etc.In the case of fuel(in this analysis fuel can be petrol,diesel,steam,charcoal,kerosene etc),an internal combustion engine is involved.This engine uses the chemical energy in the fuel converts it into mechanical energy that will be used to drive the alternatior thereby generating electricity based on the principle of electromagnetic induction.The efficiency of the process is very low and only about 30% or less of the fuel will be converted successfully from chemical energy to mechanical energy by the internal combustion engine.the remaining 70% is wasted and the inefficiency increases as the engine ages.
In the case of fueless generator,the internal combustion engine is not needed because it does not have to convert the chemical energy in the fuel to mechanical energy that will be used to drive the alternator in other to generate electricity.this fueless generator works in such a way that the electricity generated by the alternator is recycled back into the system.
An electricity generator have two units.The internal combustion engine unit involving piston and rings,connecting rod,spark plug,fuel tank,carburator,exhuast etc and the electrical side involving amature,field coil,diode,AVR,capacitor etc.
The internal combustion engine is replaced by an electromechanical device that takes power from the alternator and uses same power,converts it to mechanical energy at over 98% efficiency rate,uses that same power again to drive the alternator.The cycle repeats itself all over again.So the concept here is to replace the internal combustion engine that depends on fuel with an electromechanical device that converts electric current into mechanical energy.this mechanical energy will be used to drive the alternator,and the current produced by the alternator will be used to power the electromechanical device.the electromechanical device that is used to replace the internal combustion engine is designed in such a way that it uses less power than the alternator power output so that you can still be able to power your tv,refrigerator etc.This arrangement is the secret behind the fueless generator.

1)This fueless generator can be operated for hours at a time without the use of fuel.My job here is not to calculate for you the amount of money you can save on a daily basis by not using it to buy fuel because if I base my price on that,then I cannot sell it for less than 400,000 Naira.Ask some small business owners how much they spend on fuel and maintanance on a daily basis not to talk of big companies.

2)Environmentaly friendly as it produces no noise(noiseless operation),No smoke.Infact,you can put it inside your room and your neighbours will be wondering how come you have light when there is no PHCN,what trick is this.

3)Very low maintanance.

4)You can convert your existing generator into a fueless generator by replacing the engine with the electromechanical device.

For those that are interested all you need to do is to attend my workshop where you will practicarly learn how to make this fueless generator.The workshop fee is 10,000 Naira only including manuals or if you cannot attend pay 6,000 and the manuals will be delivered to you in an ebook format via email.
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For those that are interested in purchasing this unit,the price of a 950VA fueless generator is around 90,000 Naira,units as from 2.5KVA is subject to negotiation.

You can reach me via email or call +2348037746104.